CEWE ECD 310 Modem

CEWE ECD 310 Modem

Varenr: 116412  [CEWE ECD 310 Modem]
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ECD 310 Terminal Modem


Smart and reliable AMR

ECD 310 is a modem for data transfer between an electronic energy meter and a central station over the GSM communications network. Working in conjunction with base computer software (BCS) it provides a cost-effective solution for remote automatic meter reading (AMR). It is designed for fitting under the meter's terminal cover, providing a neat, tamper-resistant installation.



  • GSM/GPRS-based remote meter reading (RMR) systems
  • Outstation modem, connected at the meter end
  • HV or LV metering installations



  • Easy installation under the meter's terminal cover
  • No need for external powersupply unit
  • Tamper-resistant installation under utility sealed cover



  • Meter-powered GSM/GPRS-modem
  • Meter connectivity through serial RS-232 communication port
  • Status LEDs
  • SIM card provision
  • Engineering plastic enclosure
  • Compact size: fits under the meter's terminal cover

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