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AI-Bio Certified App

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Mobotix Mx-APP-AI-BIO

AI-Bio is the video analysis solution for the biometric analysis. What do you stop at
the number of persons moving in your selling area if you can have much more? The AI-Bio
app can be used for the Business Intelligence, in order to provide the retailer not only
with the information related to the number of the customers inside a selling area, but
also with the typology of customers, partitioned with respect to the gender and to the
age. AI-Bio can be also used for the Digital Signage, in order to allow the personalization
of the advertisement contents to be show to the user, depending on its typology (e.g., a
young boy or an adult woman).

- License required, one-time payment for unlimited period of use
- Based on a powerful engine which uses advanced algorithms of Intelligence and Artificial Vision
- Drastically reduces the number of false alarms, by making the solutions robust with respect to
the illumination changes and to the presence of shadows and reflections
- Well operating both in indoor and outdoor environments.
Best suited for the requirements of the following industries:

Industry & Production; Government; Traffic & Transportation; Retail; Healthcare




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