Mobotix Mx-APP-AI-INTP

AI-Intrusion-PRO Certified App

Varenr: 113825  [Mx-APP-AI-INTP]
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Mobotix Mx-APP-AI-INTP

The app reveals intrusions in sterile zones and crossing of virtual lines (for
instance for the perimetric security of the building). AI-Intrusion-PRO allows
not only the traditional anti-intrusion features (crossing line and sterile zones),
but also to define any number of crossing lines. The alarm, in this case, is raised
if the object (for instance a person) crosses a sequence of virtual lines, and not
only a single line. This logic is similar to the traditional anti-intrusion systems
with the “double-shot” and allows to strongly improve the reliability of anti-intrusion

- License required, one-time payment for unlimited period of use
- AI-Intrusion allows the human operator to define an unlimited number of areas and virtual
lines inside the scene
- Can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Best suited for the requirements of the following industries:

Utilities, Energy & Mining; Industry & Production; Government; Healthcare; Education & Science



Produsent Mobotix

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