SecuControl SAX_10P

Type03 Horizontal DIN-rail test block

Varenr: 116309  [SAX-03S086AA]
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SecuControl SAX_10P, Type03 Horizontal DIN-rail test block.

SAX is a surface mount terminal / test block combination for interfacing substation devices (protection relays, fault recorders, revenue meters) to the voltage and current transformers and to other equipment on the system side of a power grid.



Reducing Panel Space and Wiring Time Needs.

SAX combines the functions of two devices: a terminal block and a test block. This means that less panel space and less wiring is required. SAX can be placed in areas where normal test switches cannot be installed – easily mounted on a DIN rail or via screws.



The front of the SAX terminal / test block has no exposed metallic parts, greatly increasing safety during testing.


Patented Keyed Test Plugs.

Test plugs are keyed to the corresponding test block, preventing mistakes and errors during testing. Current circuits are keyed different than other types of circuits, allowing the use of individual test probes while maintaining the safety benefits.


Built-in Time Sequencing.

When a test plug is inserted into a SAX test block, contacts are opened in a pre-defined sequence. This is done to prevent false trips from activating the breaker, greatly simplifying the task of testing. The intelligence is built into the plug: different length fingers create the sequence and fixed current shorting bars provide safe and reliable make-before-break current shorting. When the PAX test plug is removed from the block, contacts are closed in the reverse order, with the trip contacts being the last to close.


Less than 2 ohm internal resistance.

Thanks to the patented construction, SAX / PAX test blocks have an extremely low internal resistance. This decreases the burden placed on instrumentation transformers and also reduces heat dissipation inside cabinets and panels.


Many sizes and configurations.

The right SAX for you either already exists or can easily be created. The 4600 series includes popular models with 7, 10, 14 and 20 poles. Custom configurations have 4 to 20 poles and can be built with any combination of currents, voltages or trip signals, as well as custom labeling.


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