Honeywell MOBCRD1000

1000 mobil cred electronically delivered

Varenr: 113866  [MOBCRD1000]
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Honeywell MOBCRD1000

1000 mobile credentials, electronically delivered


Ultra Secure Protection
128-bit AES Encryption w/ key diversification.
8K memory for multi-application uses.
PKI certificate based mobile credentials via Bluetooth.

Comprehensive Solution
Save time deploying mobile credentials directly through WINMAG, WIN-PAK and Pro-Watch.
Real-time issuance and revocation of mobile credentials with Honeywell’s Vector Occupant App.

Exceptional Adaptability
User friendly mobile credentials eliminate the hassle of presenting a phone to the reader to gain access.
Multi-technology card options allow for migrating from legacy prox to smart and mobile.

Easy to Order
Streamlined portfolio means easier to understand offering and fewer credentials to stock
Honeywell managed card ranges avoids credential duplicates and simplifies ordering process



Produsent Honeywell

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