Honeywell OT3312BHONG

OmniAssure Touch Multi BLE Mull 12 Key

Varenr: 113853  [OT3312BHONG]
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Honeywell OT3312BHONG

OmniAssure Touch Multi-Technology BLE Mullion 12 Key

End-to-end encryption
PKI and certificate based mobile credentials ensure mobile, BLE-based credentials are protected and secure
Multi-factor authentication with capacitive touch keypad to suit multiple applications available on all form factors
Protects against tampering by intelligently wiping encryption and certificate data when reader tamper is detected
Field configurable via mobile app for customizing reader settings such as panel communication mode, credential support, LED and buzzer settings
Available in mullion and wall-mount square forms with or without keypads
IP67 Outdoor rated
Two-piece installation with mounting base and reader
Real-time revocation of mobile credentials via over-the-air (OTA) updates with Honeywell's Vector Occupant App
User friendly mobile credentials eliminate the hassle of presenting a phone to the reader to gain access
Upgrade friendly allows for easily migrating legacy prox to smart and mobile technologies
Maximum flexibility with ISO14443- compliant credentials and readers that are interoperable with third-party devices and compatible with Wiegand

*Requires additional licensing



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