Hikvision DS-KB8113-IME1

IP Video Intercom Door Station IK9 IP65

Varenr: 115081  [DS-KB8113-IME1]
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IP Video Intercom Vandal-Resistant Door Station

Basic Functions
Video intercom function, supporting the communication with the master station, and the indoor station
Access control function, supporting multiple door opening modes (indoor station, master station, client software, and web)
Self-adaptive IR supplement with max. 5-meter IR distance
High-performance embedded SOC processor
IK 9 and IP 65

Video/Audio Functions
HD video surveillance with true WDR wide angle and high performance CMOS
Noise suppression and echo cancellation
H.264 video compression standard
Low illumination

Alarm Functions
Supports the door magnetic alarm
Auto-uploads alarm messages to the master station or the client software

Remote Controls
Remote reboot, remote upgrade, time synchronization via NTP, and batch configuration function
Supports Web remote access and OSD display
Supports motion detection

Additional Features
ISAPI (Internet Server Application Programming Interface) and ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) supported, to ensure greater compatibility and interoperability among different platforms
Supports bit rate and frame rate configuration, P/N video standard configuration, Email configuration, and auto day & night switch
Auto-uploads captured pictures to the FTP or the client software while unlocking the door



Produsent Hikvision

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