Honeywell NX2P

NetAXS-123 2 door controller plastic

Varenr: 113769  [NX2P]
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Honeywell NX2P


Flexible 3-in-1 Capability
Embedded, cloud, or software-hosted capability from one panel.
Deploy NetAXS-123 for a large variety of jobs—from basic access control for a single site up to multi-site, enterpriselevel security with fully integrated access, video and intrusion.

Faster Installation
Native IP-based hardware with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability eliminates additional network module wiring and simplifies powering the panel.
By-the-door mounting using plastic enclosure decreases cable runs.
Metal enclosure with included 4-amp power supply and battery backup available for traditional installs or retrofits.

Lower Cost of Ownership
Expand single door controller to manage 2 or 3 doors* with 1 & 2-door add-on boards.
Add additional panels and manage using the embedded interface via Ethernet Virtual Loop (EVL)** or RS-485 loops.

Increased Productivity
New, faster, and more intuitive user interface decreases time spent on deployment and training.
Embedded browser features basic access control that is simple and easy to use. Add MAXPRO Cloud or WIN-PAK for more advanced features, such as video and intrusion integrations, advanced reporting, and photo badging.

Enhanced Security
256-bit AES encrypted communication between panel and hosts (browser, cloud, and WIN-PAK).
Security certificate capability ensures secure and trusted connections to the panel.
Panel tamper switch included on both plastic and metal enclosures.



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