Honeywell FG1625F

Acoustic GBD, 4 setting, flush, 25'

Varenr: 114070  [FG1625F]
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Honeywell FG1625F

FG-1625F Flush Mount Glassbreak Detector
The new FG-1625F Glassbreak Detector uses the latest technology to provide faster
response and increased false alarm immunity. The FG-1625F is specifically designed
to allow fast, easy installation, while the adjustable sensitivity settings can
compensate for the acoustics of any room. Optimum operation can be quickly verified
using the FG-701 Glassbreak Simulator. The FG-1625F was designed to adequately cover
all sizes of single gang electrical boxes. Flush mount installations are now easier
and better looking than ever.

FlexCore™ Signal Processor

The FlexCore™ Signal Processor is an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC),
which processes sound data in parallel rather than sequentially; for faster, more
accurate detection decisions. The combination of proven FlexGuard® performance with
the speed of FlexCore processing provides unmatched false alarm immunity without
compromising detection.

Easy Installation and Setup
Honeywell Home patented technology allows remote activation of Test Mode (with simulator).
The FG-1625F has 45° terminal blocks for easier wiring. A hand-clap feature verifies
that the detector is functioning.

Selectable Sensitivity
Two DIP switches on the FG-1625F make it easy to set the sensitivity to match the acoustics
of the room. Four different sensitivity levels are available, ranging from very low to high.
The range can then be verified remotely with the FlexGuard FG-701 Glassbreak Simulator.

Mount the Detector Anywhere
Mounts on any wall or on the ceiling, with no minimum range and a maximum range of 25'
(7.6m) to the glass. The FG-1625F fits a standard single gang electrical box; while the
FG-1525FD version is specifically designed for double gang boxes.

Covers All Glass Types
The FG-1625F works on all glass types, including plate, tempered, laminated, wired,
film-coated and sealed insulating.

Multiple Domain Signal Analysis
The FG-1625F performs Multiple Domain Signal Analysis in which time, frequency and
amplitude characteristics are evaluated for signal qualification. This enables the
detector to accurately discriminate false alarms from true glassbreak events.

Enclosed PC Board
The PCB is protected from potential damage during installation.

Patented Remote Test Mode
The Patented Remote Test Mode can enable or disable the indicator LEDs using the FG-701
Glassbreak Simulator. The unit automatically resets from Test Mode in five minutes.

Mounting Locations
The FG-1625F can be mounted on the ceiling, opposite wall, adjoining wall, or the same
wall as the glass.



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