EAD LMO6138-WB-SMSM - 5G Omniantenne

4G/5G, MIMO Omni, 2xSMA-Hun

Varenr: 116387  [LMO6138-WB-SMSM]
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EAD LMO6138 - MIMO Outdoor 4G/5G LTE Antenna


The LMO6138 MIMO Omni antenna is a dual-polarized, IP67-rated, outdoor antenna for 4G LTE and 5G applications, supporting frequency bands from Band 71 at 617MHz up to the 3400-3800MHz band.


LMO6138 is housed in a durable, white ASA/PC radome and is supplied with a robust L-bracket for wall- or pole-mounting. Without the L-bracket the antenna can also be through-hole mounted onto cabinets and the like, just make sure it is a non-metal surface. For connecting the antenna to your device it is supplied with 2 pre-mounted 15cm pigtails offering SMA-Male connectors.



  • 4G LTE and 5G routers
  • Security systems
  • Gateways
  • Wireless CCTV and Video


Key Features

  • Compact MIMO Omni Antenna
  • Covering 4G/5G LTE Frequencies
  • Operates from 617MHz to 3800MHz
  • Wall-, Pole-, and surface mounting
  • Weather resistant IP67 enclosure




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