Westermo GW1042M-X-QFR-DCn0936

4G, GNSS, Dual-SIM, 2xSMA-Hun

Varenr: 116996  [GW1042M-X-QFR-DCn093]
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Westermo GW1042 - Industrial Global LTE router

Global LTE/4G Cat 4, GNSS, Dual-SIM

Modell: GW1042M-X-QFR-DC-n0936


The GW1042 is a compcat and rugged 4G/LTE router designed for remote connectivity in applications such as SCADA, smart-grid, auto-recloser and remote asset monitoring. Other typical use cases is to act as a primary WAN router with failover between 4G/LTE and fixed line.


It's small size is ideal for applications where space is at a premium. The GW1042 Serier router offers a new entry point for 4G/LTE data applications but still supports all the legacy access technologies; HSPA+, HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and GSM.


WiFi Option

The GW1042 can be ordered with WiFi-support. The router has 2 external SMA female connectors for antennas and supports both access point and station/client mode concurrently if needed.


Dual Ethernet Ports

The GW1042 offers two 10/100Mbps Ethernet interfaces. They can be configured as a single interface with Ethernet switching between them or as separate router interfaces.


Cellular Radio Interface - Global Coverage

The GW1042 Series router supports category 4 LTE, which as a maximum downstream speed of 150Mbps and a maximum upstream speed of 50Mbps.

A very large set og LTE bands is supported in a single device, providing gloal network coverage. This simplifies stock control and logistics for multinational operations.


Connection Monitoring & Dual-SIM

An integrated connection monitor ensures the GW1042 Series router deliveres maximum availability so long as the cellular network is available.

For critical applications, a dual SIM architecture ensures that a backup LTE network can take over should the primary network fail. The router detectes a network problem and fails over to a standby SIM/APN.


SMS Management

The GW1042 SEries router supports SMS, so if the pcket switched side of the network is down, you can send commands to the router to perform diagnostics or even a reboot of the device.


Mounting Bracket

A bracket is included that enables simple mounting. The bracket can be clipped onto a DIN rail for industrial applications.


Centralized Management and Monitoring

The GW1042 SEries router benefits from Activator, a centralized configuration management and monitoring system.

Activator simplifies and automates deployment, management and support tasks in managed network environments.

The Zero-Touch deployment functionality built into Activator means GW1042 Series routers can be deployed without the need of onsite configuration or even knowledge of IP or LTE networks.



GW1042 supports advanced security features, with a stateful firewall, IPSec/DMVPN/L2TP/GRE tunelling, Packet filtering, 802.1x and more.

A wide range of IPsec VPN options is supported, including;

IKE v2 / x.509 certificates / Elliptic Curve Cryptography, SHA2_512, PFS, SCEP, DH_8192 



  • Operating voltage: 9-36V DC (Isolated)
  • Operating temperature: -40? to +70?
  • Dimensions: 115 x 111 x 38 mm (W x D x H)
  • Mounting: Table top or DIN-rail
  • RF connectors LTE: 2 x SMA-Female
  • RF connectors WiFi: 2 x RP-SMA-Female




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