NetModule Connectivity Suite

IoT Device Management Platform

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NetModule Connectivity Suite - IoT Device Management Platform


NetModules Connectivity Suite is a web-based management and security platform, designed for effortless scalability, high-end security and central management of your devices, no matter where they are located.


Benefits of centralized management

Remote Access with one click - Access all connected routers and clients of your routers within seconds via the web-interface.

Configure & Control - Execute automated and scheduled over-the-air firmware updates and configuration.

Communication via REST API - A REST API is available for vertical integration of the Connectivity Suite into an Umbrella platform

Scalable network - Adding new assets to your existing network can be done with a few clicks, no local expertise is needed for the installation itself.


Secure Your Network

End-To-End Security - Automate setup of encrypted VPN infrastructure for end-to-end encryption to secure your communication and your network without any user intervention required.

Organize & Control Access - Connectivity Suite is Multi-Tenant and Hierarchical, enabling easy grouping of assests and differentiated access control for users based on critera such as user type, region etc.

On-Premise or Cloud - Connectivity Suite can be installed on your local, in-house servers or in a cloud environment


Don't pay for more than you need

Connectivity Suite requires a lisence. NetModules provides flexible options that allow you to scale in a suitable tempo. License fees are yearly, start from a volume of 20 and scales to 1000 units.

Available lisences are listed in the datasheet, contact your supplier for pricing.









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