Hikvision DS-3E0105P-E/M

L2 Unm 4Tx POE/1Tx Up 35W Extended 10Mb

Varenr: 108051  [DS-3E0105P-E/M]
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DS-3E0105P-E/M PoE Switch

DS-3E0105P-E/M PoE switch provides five 100 Mbps Ethernet ports, and ports 1 to 4 of the switch can
identify and supply power to PoE powered devices compliant with IEEE 802.3af standard automatically via
Ethernet cables. The maximum output PoE power of a single port is 15.4 W and the entire switch is 35 W.
Additionally, the switch is also equipped with plug and play function, making it the perfect choice for hotels,
schools, factory dormitories and SMEs to have cost-effective PoE network.

Ports 1 to 4 support IEEE 802.3af standard.
When the switch is in EXTEND mode and the data rate is 10 Mbps, ports 1 to 4 support long-distance data transmission up to 250 meters.
All ports support 6 kV lightning protection.
This switch supports Auto MDI/MDIX.
This switch supports store-and-forward.
This switch supports MAC address auto learning and auto aging.
This switch supports smart cache optimization.
This switch supports desktop / wall mounting.



Hastighet Ethernet
Management Unmanaged
Produsent Hikvision

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