Hikvision DS-3E1326P-E

L2 Mng 24Tx PoE 2Gb/SFP combo uplink

Varenr: 109819  [DS-3E1326P-E]
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Web-managed PoE Switch

The DS-3E series PoE switch supports 8/16/24 100M PoE electrical
ports and can be powered by the network cable directly. 802.3af
(15.4W) and 802.3at (30W) standards can be self-adaptive. The
PoE maximum output power is 120/230/370W. The switch can
transmit power and data for the powered devices such as AP, IP
camera, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), etc. simultaneously via
normal CAT5 twisted pair.
The switch supports network EXTEND mode. If the EXTEND mode
is enabled, the maximum data transmission and power supply
distance of the corresponding port can be extended to 250 meters
via CAT5e twisted pair or above. The 8-core power supply
technology helps to reduce the power circuit loss effectively. The
data monitor and control for the important ports can guarantee
the data or video transmission of key area first. The web managed
switch supports intelligent management such as VLAN, link
aggregation, QoS, loop guard via STP, SNMP, etc. to reduce the
project construction difficulty and time, save the project cost at
the greatest extent and protect customer’s investment.
The all-metal design of the complete machine guarantees the firm
structure, convenient usage and good reliability. The switch can be
used in surveillance scenes such as parks, public security, buildings,

Features and Functions
802.3af/at PoE standard
8-core power supply technology, reducing the power circuit loss
Data monitor and control for the important ports
EXTEND mode available to extend the network cable transmission distance to 250 meters
Buffer optimization to guarantee the video data transmission
VLAN configurable
Port trunk
STP, multicast and port mirroring
WEB management
Store-and-forward switching
IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u and IEEE802.3x network standards available
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) = 100,000 hours
All-metal enclosed construction
Table-mounted and rack-mouted design for convenient installation



Hastighet Gigabit Ethernet
Management Managed
Produsent Hikvision

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