Hikvision iDS-2CD7A45G0-IZHSY(4.7-118mm)

4MP DeepinView Bullet MVF 25x Zoom

Varenr: 116359  [iDS-2CD7A45G0-IZHSY]
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Hikvision iDS-2CD7A45G0-IZHSY(4.7-118mm)


4MP DeepinView Moto Varifocal Bullet Camera

Face Recognition - With embedded deep learning based algorithms, the camera is able to give the best shot of a target face through detecting,
tracking, capturing, grading and selecting. The camera captures the face and outputs the features, such as gender, age, and
expression. The camera uses face exposure function to dynamically adjust face area exposure of captures and ensures high
face picture quality.

Perimeter Protection - With embedded deep learning based target detection and classification algorithms, the camera carries out the duty of
perimeter protection, monitoring the actions of line crossing, intrusion, region entrance, and region exiting. The algorithms
greatly filter out the mistaken alarm caused by the interference of leafs, lights, animal, flag, etc.

Multi-Target-Type Recognition - With the embedded deep learning algorithms, the camera detects and captures the face, human body, vehicle in the
specified region and outputs the features, such as gender, age, top color, and vehicle type.



  • High quality imaging with 4 MP resolution
  • 25× optical zoom captures details in remote area
  • Clear imaging against strong back light due to 140 dB WDR technology
  • Efficient H.265+ compression technology to save bandwidth and storage
  • Built-in heater on the front viewing window to ensure clear image under snowy weather
  • Built-in gyroscope to ensure stable image output
  • Water and dust resistant (IP67) and vandal proof (IK10)




Hikvision model
  • Audio
  • Auto Back Fokus
  • Heater
Innen-/utendørs kamera
  • Innendørs kamera
  • Utendørs kamera
IP-grad IP-67
Kameratype Bullet kamera
Linse 25x optisk
Oppløsning 4 Megapixel
Output 12 VDC

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