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Asentria S550A w/6 plug-in slots

S550A w/ 230VAC, LTE, 4Serial, 8DI

Varenr: 117009  [S550A-6/ACEU-MLDE-4S]
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Asentria S550A


AC powered, LTE-, 4 serial and 8 DI-plug in cards

The SiteBoss 550A is a versatile and powerful system used for monitoring and control of remote equipment sites. The S550A provides remote monitoring of equipment and environmental conditions at these remote sites and forwards notification when conditions fall outside limits. On-board I/O provides Serial and Ethernet connectivity. Optional hardware adds Wireless modem and/or dialup connectivity. The S550-2 and -6 models provide two or six Expansion slots respectively to allow addition of various communications and monitoring I/O interfaces that might be desired for your specific site application.

The SiteBoss appliance is an intelligent telecom site automation device for improving the efficiency and resilience of telecom sites and networks. The SiteBoss simplifies and centralizes all the data from a wide range of different makes and models of equipment and sensors at your site, giving visibility and control of those systems.

The SiteBoss has a modular design to cost-effectively interface to ANY combination of power, security, and environmental sub-systems you have at a remote telecom site. The SiteBoss is easy to set up and work with and uses open protocols like SNMP, RESTful API, browser-based UI, and user-accessible scripting languages. The SiteBoss family is based on 30 years of Asentria solutions to specific customer needs, including multiple projects of over 10,000 units.


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