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Cambium XE3-4 - Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E AP

6.6Gbps, 2.5GbE, 802.3bt PoE

Varenr: 116375  [XE3-4X00A00-RW]
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Cambium XE3-4 - Tri-Band WiFi 6E Aksesspunkt

2.4/5/6GHz, 4x4/2x2 MU-MIMO Software Defined Radio, 6.6Gbps


Cambium Networks XE3-4 is a tri-radio Wi-Fi 6/6E 4x4/2x2 access point (AP) designed to deliver future-proof performance and value for building next generation networks on the newly available 6GHz band.


Wi-Fi 6 (.11ax) delivers faster and more efficient wireless network connections than previous generation Wi-Fi technologies. Wi-Fi 6E extends the capacity of Wi-Fi into the 6GHz band, more than tripling the wireless spectrum available.


With a high speed software-defined radio, the XE3-4 enables seamless transition to Wi-Fi 6E with the ability to easily change from dual-band to tri-band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz) mode when sufficient 6 GHz clients are available.


The XE3-4 is fully backward compatible with existing Wi-Fi technology, enabling simultaneous support of new high speed clients, legacy clients, low-bitrate IoT devices, and more in a single wireless infrastructure. 


The XE3-4 comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty providing return and repair service on the access point from date of purchase until end of life of the product


Main Features

  • 6.6Gbps aggregate wireless capacity (6GHz: 4.8, 5GHz: 4.8, 2.4GHz: 573Mbps)
  • Tri-Radio: 1x2.4GHz (2x2MIMO), 1x5GHz (2x2MIMO), 1x 5 or 6GHz radio (4x4MU-MIMO)
  • Software Defined 5/6GHz radio
  • BLE 4.1 support for IoT-devices
  • Supports both cnMaestro and XMS cloud and on-prem management systems
  • 2.5GbE and 1GbE uplink ports

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