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Westermo PS-240-P4G

DIN Power and PoE inj 4x30W 100-240VAC

Varenr: 116768  [PS-240-P4G]
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Make any switch a PoE switch
• PoE Injector and power supply all in one
• PS-240-P4G feeds power both to the switch and the PoE devices connected to it
• No need for any additional power supply

Powerful and high quality device
• Supports PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) with up to 30 watts per channel and gigabit communication speed
• Total power budget of 240 W

Easy to install and use
• Compatible with all Westermo DIN and 19" switches without any need for configuration
• Cost and size effective
• Connects directly to the AC mains


PS-240-P4G combines a Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector and a multi-use power supply into one single unit. This unique all-in-one solution excludes the need for separate power supplies. By lowering the number of units needed, system complexity and costs are significantly reduced. Furthermore, installation is both easier, faster and more compact. The device is based on a DIN-rail mountable high-quality power supply that impresses with its reliability, performance and standard fulfilment.

The input power is single-phase-AC and the total power capacity 240 watts. 120 watts are dedicated to injecting power to four individual PoE+ channels (IEEE 802.3at) via RJ45 Ethernet ports, and 120 watts are available to power external units including the Ethernet switch itself.

PS-240-P4G is perfect for both new and retrofit PoE infrastructures projects. The device is optimized for flexible usage and works seamlessly with majority of Westermo Ethernet switches, no configuration is required. The PS-240-P4G makes any switch a PoE switch with only one device versus the traditional solutions that require a minimum of two additional devices.



Hastighet Gigabit Ethernet
Output PoE
PoE Standard 802.3at / af

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